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Reciprocal Public License

Note: This reciprocal license has been replaced by The Parity Public License for License Zero projects going forward.

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License Zero Reciprocal Public License 2.0.1

Copyright: {Licensor Name}

Source: {}

**This software comes as is, without any warranty at all. As far
as the law allows, I will not be liable for any damages related
to this software or this license, for any kind of legal claim.**

As long as you meet the conditions below, you may do everything
with this software that would otherwise infringe my copyright in
it or any covered patent claim. Your permission covers a patent
claim that I can license, or become able to license, if you would
infringe it by using this software as of my latest contribution.

1. You must ensure that everyone who gets a copy of this software
   from you, in source code or any other form, also gets the
   complete text of this license and the copyright and source
   notices above.

2. You must not make any legal claim against anyone for
   infringing any patent claim they would infringe by using this
   software alone, accusing this software, with or without
   changes, alone or combined into a larger program.

3. If you change this software, you must release source code for
   your changes.

4. If you combine this software with other software into a larger
   program, you must release any source code for that larger
   program that has not yet been released.

5. If you run this software to analyze, change, or generate
   software, you must release source code for that software that
   has not yet been released.

Releasing source code means publicly licensing it under either
this license or a license approved by the Open Source Initiative,
and promptly publishing it, in the preferred form for making
changes, to a freely accessible distribution system widely used
for similarly licensed source code.

Any unknowing failure to meet condition 3, 4, or 5 is excused if
you release source code as required, or stop doing anything
requiring permission under this license, within 30 days of
learning that this license required you to release source code.